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Hi again P. I found a site that might help in your search . It is a list of programs in the Miami-Dade area ( look on the left yellow sidebar) I hope you find something that works for you , and I will keep you in my prayers. soulight

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I need to better define my problem. I have been given an eviction notice, plus a threat to turn off my electricity. I have been looking for employment now for almost three months and came on a snag about two months ago. I was caught up in a scam, yes a Nigerian scam, which ended up with me almost being put in prison for a very long time, well stupid me spent money, thinking I was dealing with honest people, I lost $6,000, which would, right now, be paying for things I need, such as rent, food, dental help, etc. But, I had to pay the money or go to jail. I have put in so many applications for employment, but, it is like I am invisible, my telephone doesn't ring. Now, I do not even have money for a bus to go and seek employment. It is true, I put myself into this predicament, but, if someone could see into their heart to just give a little, it would be so greatly appreciated. I have never asked anybody for anything, but I do not want to be homeless, and it is like I have been pushed into a corner and can't get out. I believe I have been stubbed for employement, because of my age and the fact that I do not speak spanish. I am always asked at interviews if I am bilingual, of course, I do not lie and I am not and a lot of times that is the reason that I do not get the job. I am so stressed and and depressed that sometimes I don't even want to get up, but I have to at least try another day to struggle back on my feet. Right now I am in such pain with my teeth and jaw, but I have nothing to take for the pain, so I must suffer. Please, Please, if anyone is listening, just a little help would be greatly appreciated. I do have a paypal, if someone could just help me,, there is like $2.00 in the account to keep it open. God Bless, for whatever help anyone can give.

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